Has Finnleo joined the dark side by launching their own line of infrared closets?

Finnleo Corp., the largest US sauna dealer by a mile, announced today the introduction of a new line of far-infrared “saunas”.

Wall Street would approve this line extension.  Finnleo dealers number in the thousand, from an HVAC distributor in Devils Lake, ND to a gem stone shop in New Mexico.  Infrared “saunas” are as hot in North America as Starbucks drive-thru, 5 Hour Energy, and Curves 30 Minute Fitness.

Finnleo has an infrared drop down box on their website, and a widget to plug a demand hole in its dealer network.

Finnleo is out to move product, and the American consumer associates sauna with an infrared light bulb closet.

Has Finnleo joined the dark side?  You, the authentic sauna enthusiast can decide.

Oh, the Finnleo infrared “saunas” are reported to have low Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Electrical Field Radiation.



  1. what a shame, and a sham. Infrared is right there with tanning beds and low tar cigarettes and diet coke. They are all bad for you, just made to look pretty and seem like their not.

  2. NIce post Glenn. You could eliminate that captcha thing below by signing up for askimet (google it…or go to plugins and install). It costs $5 to turn it on, but we’ve used it on YHH and we get lots of comments.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The phrase “Infrared Sauna” does not compute. “Sauna” is a word/experience with a very old and SPECIFIC tradition. You wouldn’t say infrared banya, infrared sweat lodge, or infrared hammam, would you? No. Why not? Because those are specific rituals that have nothing to do with infrared technology. THE SAME IS TRUE OF SAUNA.

    Bottom line: they’re not saunas and never will be.

  4. Clint,
    I’m am right there with you. for me, the sauna ritual begins with cutting down trees and stacking the firewood months in advance. House woodstove gets 2 foot logs sauna stove gets 14″. It continues from there and ends with all the little elements such as sweeping the floor and making sure there are guest towels and so on; right up to breaking a hole in the ice of the stream as the sauna approaches 180. Oh, and if the power goes out, I go sauna.

  5. We definitely agree, even if we did come to this conversation a little bit late. This is exactly why our product line doesn’t include a single infrared enclosure. Our bottom line has taken a hit, sure, but at least we don’t have to compromise our beliefs and values for the “all might dollar”.

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