Build Your Own

Build your own sauna

Let us be your guide to plans, kits, builders and more.

an old school lakeside sauna & boathouse

I’ve built more than my share of saunas.  I’m in the process of documenting some information to help you out.  I can divide “build your own” into two categories:

  1. indoor electric: building an indoor wood sauna is certainly possible but everyone gets all worked up about insurance and building codes.
  2. outdoor wood: building an outdoor electric sauna is like living next to a great ski hill and preferring to ice skate.  wood saunas are better, and (given the right wood burning sauna stove) take no longer to heat than an electric stove.  Unless you have a phobia of firewood, I definitely recommend an outdoor wood burning sauna!

FREE SAUNA INFO:  Here’s a good place to start, and ‘finnish’, in terms of the perfect sauna.

Here’s a step by step instruction and building material list on how to build your own sauna.

indoor framed in to your existing structure

outdoor free standing.

both options are way cool.