Sauna Party

Find your happy place, a real Finnish sauna

through this sauna door is your sauna party

Bring an ice cold beer and some ice cold drinking water into this sauna.  Just don’t get dehydrated.  What a great way to get through a long, cold, dark, winter night.  After 15-20 mins. in the sauna, grab some cold water, go outside and douse yourself.  Simulate the experience of jumping in a lake if your sauna isn’t by a lake.

As your pours get flushed from a cold water rinse, steam rises off your body and you sip a frosty beverage, take a few moments to enjoy the wonders of fresh air, nature, and perhaps the crisp clear moonlight.  Dig it!

A sauna party: what a great way to visit with friends, reconnect with family, or celebrate successful negotiations with the top brass at Nokia.  Lots of sauna party information on this site: Danny’s music for the heat, memories of a cold winter sauna, and more to come soon!