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Hi! I'm Glenn and I have been an authentic sauna enthusiast for over thirty years. I started in 2008, and have been actively providing lots of free information for you. SaunaTimes is about feeling and experiencing all the healthy aspects of good sauna.

Who is Glenn?

I am a lifelong student of authentic sauna. I founded and wrote "Sauna Build, From Start to Finnish," a book about how to build your own sauna. I am a founding board member of the Sauna Research Institute, Vice president of the 612 Sauna Society, member of the North America Sauna Society, as well as other non profit positions. I have been building saunas for 30 years. I have helped hundreds, probably thousands of people build their own saunas. My passion is helping others realize their authentic sauna dreams.

Glenn's Sauna How

Glenn’s Sauna How is a video series where I share with you all my knowledge about saunas from how to get the best löyly to proper sauna ventilation. And of course I also visit interesting saunas from Minnesota to Helsinki and talk with likeminded sauna nuts from every corner of the world.

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Sauna Talk With Glenn

In Sauna Talk podcast I talk to the movers and sharkers of sauna world about all things related to great löyly. From random strangers on the streets of Helsinki to the leading sauna researcher Dr. Jari Laukkanen they all have an opinion about real sauna.

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This month I recommend the Small Wood Fired Sauna Stove from Kuuma in Tower, Minnesota. With water tank for added "aaaahhhh" when tossing water on the rocks.

Kuuma Wood Burning Stove

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