Aufguss sauna sessions gaining steam in Minneapolis, MN USA

German Aufguss champ Alexander Troitzsch

Some say Aufguss started in Berlin by a bunch of disenfranchised Kraftwerk fans looking for more structure while the group was on hiatus in the 1990s.  Others think Aufguss originated in Finland, where German exchange students had become exceedingly uncomfortable with the “free form” approach of tossing water on sauna rocks, without regard to how much water exactly and which rocks specifically.

Origins aside, Aufguss is gaining lots of steam

Sauna, especially in the public domain (spas, resorts, community centers) is very popular in Germany.  Alongside, is great appreciation Aufguss: “the pouring of water mixed with essential oils on the hot stones of the sauna stove. The water, containing particles of essential oil, vaporizes once in contact with the stones and spreads throughout the sauna. The Aufgussmeister directs the hot and scented steam towards the bathers, using the different rhythmical movements of a towel and sometimes accompanied by music background, creating an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience.of the “guided practice.”  Source: Aufguss.it

Aufguss has blown its way across the big pond, over to the United States, with the wave of a towel from German Expats like Alexander Troitzsch and Karoline Lange.  Here in Minnesota, there is a Jamaican DJ style Aufguss clash happening at the Hewing Hotel.

And this Aufguss clash is not without controversy.

A Photo reveals truth about PED allegation facing German Aufguss champ 

Saunatimes has verified the authenticity of this photo showing German Aufguss champ Alexander Troitzsch consuming, what appears to be, 10 — 20 grams of sodium laced beef jerky (more than twice the amount allowed by FISA, the Federation Internationale de Steam Association).

Saunatimes received this incriminating photo from an source inside the German Team who requested to remain an anonymous in fear of retaliation from club owners and fans.

Troitzsch, a three-time Full Moon Steam Medley  champion, publicly denied the authenticity of the photograph a few hours after the photograph surfaced, calling the allegations a “Fake news from a club that knows it can’t compete on the bench.”

FISA released reservations for the match to the public yesterday, September 8, 2018, but has yet to announce whether there will be an investigation prior to next Friday’s match at Hewing Hotel’s rooftop sauna.

German Aufguss champ Alexander Troitzsch

To Aufguss or not to Aufguss?” ” zatt is zee question.”

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