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Sauna Talk: Yana Kaiser, Aufguss and sauna enthusiast

Greetings from Sompasauna in Helsinki. Today we visit with Yana who takes us through her deep connection to sauna, from Aufguss at the large public saunas in Germany, to the Danish Sauna Association, and now with her employment with Studio Puisto, a Helsinki based architectural firm that focuses on sustainable hospitality and sauna design.

Sauna Talk with Dr. Jonathon Bricker

Sauna Talk: Dr. Jonathan Bricker

Dr. Jonathan Bricker is a Professor of Public Health Science at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and University of Washington in Seattle. A recipient of

How sauna works: the three types of heat transfer

enthusiasts can feel the three types of heat transfer​: radiation, conduction, and convection​. So, here is how sauna works: the three types of heat transfer. As we sit on the bench, we don’t have to know how sauna works in order to feel them in action.

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