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sauna lying in the snow

$40 sauna offer on

Here’s the offer: Relaxation Station Massage Hour-Long Swedish Massage, 30-Minute Facial, and Ten-Minute Sauna Session Running around at 70 MPH can wear anyone out. Put

jogging around the lake in winter

Jogging in winter then sauna

  “We all need therapy of some kind or another at some point or another.” Jogging outside brings fresh air into the lungs. Jogging outside

steam of life Finnish film sauna

Film: Stream of Life

Finnish Film from a sauna perspective This Finnish documentary is only 60 minutes long, about as along as a couple sauna rounds and a beer. 

people drinking in sauna

Ice sauna

An ice sauna is counter intuitive, but SaunaScape reports that folks  are chilling out in a sauna made from ice blocks.  We note that nobody

Sauna down the path

Saunas work, no matter who shows up

You can’t play tennis alone.  You can golf on your own, maybe hit a second ball, enjoy the solitude between belting out a swear word

Kuuma woodburning sauna stove

Wood or Electric Sauna Stove?

A key consideration for the sauna builder is whether to go with a wood fired sauna stove or an electric heater. I examine the pros and cons of wood burning sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters

Hand made log sauna

Are you ready for your own sauna?

At the Lake Home & Garden show in Minneapolis this weekend, there was a booth displaying infrared ‘saunas.’  I have strong opinions of these light

bicycle spoke method

Sauna Floors

Learn how to build and seal your sauna floor using a few different methods, and avoid methods that don’t work.

Road testing your sauna in the cold

Sauna: test it in cold weather It’s been really cold here in Minnesota.  Just like with car batteries, this is the kind of weather to

Sauna: turn off the noise

Seth Godin talks in his blog about “constant inputs and unlimited potential distractions” in today’s technology world.  He is a big fan of an app

Beer in the sauna

I’m all for it. For those of us who like a cold beer once and awhile as a way to chill out, and for those

pouring water on yourself after a sauna

The sauna evangelist

Yours truly was interviewed for a story in Minneapolis’  The Southwest Journal. Winter has set in heavily now.  It starts to get dark at 4

Opposite of cold interview

Author Michael Nordskog is interviewed by a very knowledgeable M.A. Rosco from Fox 9 Twin Cities.  Note the Kuuma Stove and mention of Lake Superior

Buried in the blizzard, literally

Indeed: the worse the weather, the better the sauna.  Wouldn’t you like to do this in your own backyard?  (Note the 1:10 mark – Clint

Shoulder surgery sauna

This is a guest post from my friend Steve, who recently had a bad fall, then major emergency shoulder surgery: “With any surgery the body

Sauna in the snow

Dec.  3,  2010  We’ve talked about Friday afternoon saunas, and the beauty of this Friday sauna session was a heavy dose of snow falling.  Here’s

Authentic Finnish Sauna for sale

Authentic Finnish Sauna – $13,500 (Delivered to your backyard) Wood burning Kumma Sauna Stove, the best sauna stove made, I can change it to electric

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