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Why Infrared is Not a Sauna

Why Infrared is Not a Sauna

It’s simple: infrared is not sauna, and even famous actors are picking up on it. I break down why exactly infrared hucksters are the greatest con men in the sauna world.

Sauna for the ages

Saunas are great for all ages.  In sauna, age doesn’t matter. I opened the sauna door at my cabin sauna last evening to a full

Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Wood burning sauna stoves, gasification, chimney smoke, hot room efficiency, municipalities, and neighbors. This piece is everything you need to know about wood burning saunas.

Perfect weather for a sauna

Saunas are most popular in Scandinavia, Seattle, Minnesota. Is it the chicken or the egg?  Are Scandinavians predisposed to sauna or did the Scandinavian climate,

An inexpensive basement sauna

My new virtual friend Jonathon and his dad applied some resourceful upper Midwest ingenuity, building a basement sauna using cheap doors for walls, ceiling.  They

All the Sauna Tips & Rules You Need to Know

I share a bunch of sauna tips and rules you need to know to be a great sauna host and steward of sauna, and The Chicago Tribune weighs in with 5 simple sauna rules for you.

Finnish Embassy, Washington DC

Here’s a link to yesterday’s article in the Washington Post. For those not registered I copied, pasted here: At Finnish Embassy, the heat is on

Sauna and revolving doors

Seth Godin is one of my favorite current writers.  He applies metaphors in a way that makes me smile.  He’s from my home town, Buffalo

Monkey sauna

Members of the Twin Cities Sauna Society….  

Wheeling around the mobile sauna

For a great 3D blueprint of an awesome mobile sauna or backyard stationary sauna design, click here. The intention is to get folks to try

Build your own sauna playlist

At the mobile sauna yesterday, we had good effect with an international/reggae/African play list.  Nothing Ragga and Rough, but more ambient dub (King Tubby, Thievery

The Mobile sauna: Old Chicago, Uptown MN

Authentic Wood Burning Sauna to visit Uptown, Minneapolis February 6-7, 2010. Old Chicago Uptown, bar sponsor for the The City of Lakes Loppet Cross Country

Build you own sauna in 3:48

My good (virtual so far) friend Stephen built his own sauna in North Carolina.  Watch through his video. It’s a great sauna, wonderful aesthetics and

On the edge of the box

Click here: Mahmoud Ahmed Lala link. What does this song have to do about saunas?  Seemingly nothing.  Mahmoud Ahmed is a 60 year old Ethiopian

The Mobile Sauna: January 23, 2010

Rain, not snow Rain in Minnesota in January seems as common as snow in San Antonio in summer.  We are typically blessed with single digit

Are Saunas Good for Colds?

I explore the health benefits of sauna when it comes to colds. Can a hot sauna cure a cold? The New York Times weighs in as well.

Speakers in the sauna

Chris, good question.  If speakers fail prematurely in the sauna, it’s still worth it.  Yet I’ve had a great pair of outdoor speakers in my

How do you take a sauna?

What is this? This is an authentic wood burning Finnish sauna. Northern Europeans have been taking part in this ritual for centuries. How is this

The mobile sauna, by

8’x12′ exterior dimensions: Three functional windows. Half glass door, outward swing. Goofy wave optional. 6’x7’4″ sauna room: dimmer light for custom ambiance. Sauna thermometer: hovers

The mobile sauna: January 1, 2010

I am excited to announce that the first mobile Finnish sauna will be idling warmly as part of the annual New Year’s Day polar plunge

Negative ion study from Japan

Thanks to Stephen Colmant for digging out this study on the effects of negative ions. Summary:  “The results suggest that negative ions may amplify the

How to Build Your Own Sauna Door

Here are 10 easy steps which show you how to build your own sauna door. I also fill you in on the best hardware for your sauna door.

Wood heat vs. electric heat

Is there a difference?  Tell me your opinion. Considering whether to build a wood burning sauna or an electric sauna?  You may want to read

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