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8x12 sauna plans

8’x12′ sauna blueprints

Here is a sketch of my ideal sauna, drawn in ideal conditions on graph paper in a dimly lit changing room, between sauna rounds with two

Dog herding sheep

Which one are you? The sheep dog: active, motivated, happy, challenged, independent thinker. The sheep: reactive, reluctant, frightened if on the outer edge, bothered, happier

Minnesota sauna

I get sauna inquiries well beyond Minnesota. Estonia, Canada, Finland, even some guy named Apou from India, oh, wait, scratch that one, he was trying

Notice the fabulous

Great quote from Seth Godin: Not only do I notice more fabulous, but it sure seems as though the creators of it are more engaged,

Saunatimes mission statement

I always thought mission statements were complete BS. Then I read this article about mission statements, and thought, what the heck.  So I wrote my

Sauna: what's your favorite temperature?

There is lots of discussion about sauna temperature.  Some like their sauna at around 200 degrees f.  Others enjoy their sauna around 145 degrees f.  

Build your own sauna: prep the area

To get your sauna area ready, in your backyard: Stake off the area. Mark off your 8’x12′ rectangle area with carpenter string. Prep the area.

Build your own sauna: materials list

By popular demand, here is a complete list of what you’ll need to build your own sauna.   Life is short: you deserve your own authentic

Kids in the sauna

“Ummm.. I think I want to take another round.” My 10 year old had a friend over.  My son is no stranger to the sauna,

Sauna Benefit #14: Community

Our cabin sits on an island in Northern MN.  There’s a little foot path connecting a bunch of cabins along the Eastern shore.  We have

Rainy day sauna at the cabin

Not sure where it came from, but hanging on our cabin wall is a little sign that reads: cabin (ka ben) n. 1. a place

Rain, rain, beautiful rain

CAVEAT: I can’t speak to what this new age video is about, but it’s the only one I could find of this great song (30

Faux-pas in the Sauna

I will leave my comments to a minimum. This is beyond funny, and it’s all true.

Outdoor Sauna: Sizing, Flooring, Electricity?

This piece is all you need to know about outdoor saunas. We touch upon such things such as building size, electricity, and even such treatments as an outdoor sauna foot mat you can build on your own.

Saunas: the power of the number three

There are so many “threes” relating to saunas: Three major attributes of saunas. Health and Wellness Escape Fun Three sauna rounds make for a complete

Hotel sauna: how to take one

Ever notice how many hotel saunas seem neglected and underutilized?  Well, whether you take a hotel sauna solo, or share the hotel sauna with a

Sauna book by Brian Peterson

Here is a transparent chronology of the construction of a Finnish Sauna, wonderfully illustrated by professional photographer Brian Peterson.  Brian captures the organic elements of

Sauna party: Friday afternoons

Some like saunas in the mornings, others before bed, and most enjoy a nice sauna after a workout or running.  Not all these times are

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