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Saunatimes mission statement

I always thought mission statements were complete BS. Then I read this article about mission statements, and thought, what the heck.  So I wrote my mission statement for saunatimes.com and got some nice

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Kids in the sauna

“Ummm.. I think I want to take another round.” My 10 year old had a friend over.  My son is no stranger to the sauna, but it was his friend’s first authentic Finnish

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Sauna Benefit #14: Community

Our cabin sits on an island in Northern MN.  There’s a little foot path connecting a bunch of cabins along the Eastern shore.  We have our own sauna of course, but my 10

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Rainy day sauna at the cabin

Not sure where it came from, but hanging on our cabin wall is a little sign that reads: cabin (ka ben) n. 1. a place where Minnesotans go every weekend to spend two

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Rain, rain, beautiful rain

CAVEAT: I can’t speak to what this new age video is about, but it’s the only one I could find of this great song (30 seconds worth) by Ladysmith Black Mambazo: There’s something

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