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Can you afford a sauna?

A friend of mine, looking to cut expenses, picked up a stationary bike on Craigslist and knocked off his $65/month health club bill.  Good move, but he’s pining about missing the sauna.  Beyond

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Build then move a sauna

If you can move a 3 bedroom house, surely one can get an 8×12 sauna structure moved into your backyard. Consider the option of having an 8×12 free standing sauna built off sight,

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Close the door!!!

Sauna etiquette: Rule #1:  “Don’t drip sweat in the cold water bucket!” Rule #2:   Don’t open the sauna door unless: A.  You’re coming into the sauna B.  You’re leaving the sauna BONUS:  Before

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Writing in a sauna

Here’s my story… Not every day am I productive.  And I don’t claim to be the most productive guy on the block.  Having said this, there are days when I feel like everything

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Reading in a sauna

You’ve probably been in those health club public saunas were the day’s (or yesterday’s) newspaper is strewn about  all over the benches.  Mixed feelings or what?  half of you thinks, “cool, I can

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Lighting in a sauna

Lighting in a sauna… put some thought into this.  I have a few bright ideas that may help you. dimmer: every sauna i’ve ever built has a light in it.  Every light is

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Barrel saunas from Minnesota

This is a way interesting sauna.  The only major issue that I see with the barrel sauna is that you step right out from your ‘hot room’ to the outdoors.  If you go

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Types of stoves

There are three types of sauna stoves out there.  I happen to be a nut for the wood stoves, you can pick whichever ones are best for you but here’s my list. Wood

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Music in a Sauna

Some like quiet and tranquility, especially Scandinavians.  Some like quiet conversation.  Either way, I think many like some music while taking a sauna,  but what is the right kind of music while relaxing

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