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I Took Careful Note

of many of the details, shortcuts, and special tricks about building an Authentic Sauna. The materials have been used by several folks – just like you – to build their own saunas. What’s better is that these fellow kindred spirits have helped me improve what I will be sending you. This DIY Sauna eBook has helped many build their own saunas and I am excited to be there for you to build yours!

Thinking of Building Your Own Sauna?

My Build Your Own Sauna eBook will help you in a big way. Time is such a valued resource. You have a job, you have family, you have other things going on in your life. But you want to carve out some of your valuable time to build your own Authentic Finnish Sauna. I understand all this because I am just like you. I build my saunas in my spare time too.

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Bang for Your Buck!

Sauna Build, From Start To Finnish is laid out in an easy to read, easy to follow step by step fashion.

A large assortment of photos will help guide your Sauna build.

To help you visualize your own health & wellness retreat, basic blueprints are included in the DIY Sauna eBook. You will also receive access to our comprehensive 3D Google Sketchup model to help you imagine your final product. 

This comprehensive materials list is ready for you bring to your local Home Depot and tell the Pro Desk: “I’m on a mission from God to build my own Sauna.  Here’s your SKUs and exact product descriptions. No funny business- deliver this stuff to my backyard ASAP!”

For $30 USD, You Get the Complete DIY Sauna eBook

Need Some Extra Help With Your Build?

I've got you covered with a one-on-one consultation.

Why you DON’T want to purchase this sauna consultation:

  1. You want an infrared cabin.  Glenn knows little about this, and doesn’t consider it a sauna.
  2. You want lots of info about electric stoves.  Be careful with Glenn and electric stoves.  He knows a fair bit about electric stoves, but most answers are better asked to an electrician.  That said, he’s a pretty good advocate to good sauna.  In many cases, he will steer you to this post here, from his friend, who is actually an electrical engineer and has invested a lot of time helping diffuse the electric stove options in N. America.  He’ll give you straight scoop on how to build a sauna using an electric stove.
  3. You want to talk and find a reason to not make it happen.  Glenn understands the need to gather information and make the right move.  But he also understands that sometimes, even with the best intentions, people want to talk more than do.  There is resistance to pulling the trigger.  (See:  War of Art, Stephen Pressfield).  This is common. Part of this consultation is not just what insulation to use, or how to apply heat shields, but is to help you resolve what may be standing in your way.

Glenn has helped several hundred people (UPDATE 2021: thousands) build their own saunas.  He has consulted with countless builders, carpenters, and architects in North America, as well as the motherland of sauna, Finland.  He’s not a know it all but knows a lot.  He’s good at listening and helping guide.

The consultation is a good deal if you’re serious about creating your own authentic health and wellness sauna retreat.

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