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Glenn Building a Sauna

I've built a bunch of authentic saunas

But I'm not a professional builder...


I love helping others realize their own authentic sauna dreams

For $25.00 USD, You Get the Complete DIY Sauna eBook

I took careful note

of many of the details, shortcuts, and special tricks about building an Authentic Sauna. The materials have been used by several folks – just like you – to build their own saunas. What’s better is that these fellow kindred spirits have helped me improve what I will be sending you. This DIY Sauna eBook has helped many build their own saunas and I am excited to be there for you to build yours!

Thinking of Building Your Own Sauna?

My Build Your Own Sauna eBook will help you in a big way.  Time is such a valued resource.  You have a job, you have family, you have other things going on in your life. But you want to carve out some of your valuable time to build your own Authentic Finnish Sauna.  I understand all this because I am just like you.  I build my saunas in my spare time too.

Thinking of Hiring a Contractor to Build Your Sauna?

Have your contractor purchase my ebook. There are details in my ebook specific to building a sauna.  Floor drain and insulation are examples.  I guarantee to save your contractor many hundreds of dollars, and countless hours.  Even more importantly, if your contractor reads my eBook, you will be getting a bettermore authentic Sauna.

Bang for Your Buck!

For $25.00 USD, You Get the Complete DIY Sauna eBook

Sauna Build

Your eBook will be available as a ZIP file download after completing your purchase. You may log into your account at any time to access your download.

If you run into any problems with your download, don't hesitate to reach out at saunatimes@gmail.com

I am confident you will be "Wow'd" by at least one significant time and money saving tip from this eBook. At least one thing that is going to save you hundreds of dollars in time and/or materials.

- Glenn Auerbach

Want some extra help on your build?

We've got you covered with an exclusive one-on-one consultation package to guide your sauna build.

World Sauna Moment

Isn't it time for you to realize your own Authentic Sauna dream?

We can divide "build your own sauna" into two categories:

Outdoor Wood

Building an outdoor electric sauna is like living next to a great ski hill and preferring to ice skate.  wood saunas are better, and (given the right wood burning sauna stove) take no longer to heat than an electric stove.  Unless you have a phobia of firewood, I definitely recommend an outdoor wood burning sauna!

Indoor Wood

Building an indoor wood sauna is certainly possible but everyone gets all worked up about insurance and building codes.


Here’s a good place to start, and ‘finnish’, in terms of the perfect sauna.


Instruction and building material list on how to build your own sauna.

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