$40 sauna offer on Livingsocial.com

Here’s the offer:

Relaxation Station Massage

Hour-Long Swedish Massage, 30-Minute Facial, and Ten-Minute Sauna Session

Running around at 70 MPH can wear anyone out. Put yourself back on track and let off a little steam with today’s transporting deal: Get a one-hour Swedish massage, a 30-minute facial, and a ten-minute sauna session from Relaxation Station Massage for only $40 (regularly $80).

Well written, and well intended.  Yet let’s consider your OWN sauna, where you can take unlimited free saunas in your own backyard sauna, without jostling for position on the sauna bench or for a place in the parking lot.  It’s affordable if you want to make it your priority.

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  1. Glenn – couldn’t agree more, hooked up the outdoor shower for the wood-fired sauna this AM. It’s hard to beat 3 rounds in your own Finnish sauna! TR

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