8’x12′ sauna plans reviewed while sitting on the sauna bench

Two Bench options for your 6’x8′ sauna hot room:

8x12 sauna plans

Either option can work ideally within your 8’x12′ sauna building.

Advantages of Option A:

  • A longer set of benches: (7’4″ long vs. 6′ long in option B).  Great for laying out and generous space for 3 on upper bench.
  • A more congenial connection to changing room (especially with candle window).

Advantages of Option B:

  • Stadium seating allows for continued vista from hot room outside through transom window to outside.
  • Plenty of room on lower bench.  A fully extended 24″ lower bench, vs a tighter fitting lower bench in option A.
  • Stove is safely tucked in its upright and locked position in the corner, vs. having to pass by the stove to enter/exit in option A.

I have built a few saunas with each bench design.

Like orange juice with pulp or without, preference varies.  But this isn’t an opportunity for line extension, more shelf space, and choices to drive you crazy.  This is an opportunity to make a decision on what’s best for you… and go for it.

Either option works great.


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2 thoughts on “8’x12′ sauna plans reviewed while sitting on the sauna bench”

  1. when deciding on a bench/stove layout, keep in mind the recommendations of the stove manufacturer for stove clearances to both combustible and non-combustible surfaces. option a is very difficult to achieve decent bench depth while also maintaining the stove manufacturer’s clearance recommendations. it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations but if you are going the building permit route, the building inspector is all but going to demand the clearances be followed. this is an excellent reason to select your stove first and plan the sauna around it!

  2. A water tank attached to an authentic wood burning sauna stove takes up 6″ or so of space but buffers ones’ toes from the burn and ouch, and provides warm water for the OUTSIDE sauna bather on a zero degree star filled January night, steam billowing, and ahhhhhh damn, does that feel good.

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