A better sauna bench.

a better sauna benchI’ve built over a dozen sauna benches, no, many more than that.

I’ve sat on a bunch more.  Do you drive yourself crazy sitting on a sauna bench trying to figure out how it was built?  Well, this is a better sauna bench.  All 2×4 clear material.  All hidden screws (no branding on the butt).  No exposed end grain.  Super sturdy.  Every board reinforced from the sides, below, and by bracing underneath.  Simple construction.

sauna bench from underneath If there is a better sauna bench, I’d sure like to know about it.

If you already have a sauna and your sauna bench isn’t like this, i’m sure it works just fine, and i’m not trying to get under your skin (there are sensitive sauna Joe’s out there).

Its fun grazing through the 2x4x8 woodpile at the lumber yard finding boards clear on one side (no knots to brand your butt).  You need 7 boards at 8′ to make one of these 2′ wide benches.

I love this bench.

Seeing this sauna bench makes me want to go sauna.  That’s it.  I’m going.

sauna bench that's great for a patio or deck

Oh, this design works great for patio benches too.

(especially overlooking the shores of Lake Superior, not my garage).

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  1. The knots are like hardwood. They get hot in the heat and can burn. That’s why you want to use clear wood for the bench tops.

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