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Amazing! House cat helps write 4 letters and this revealing new formula may change your life!

While talking with my cat over coffee this morning, and considering outrageous blog post titles, I realized that I just helped my 100th person build their own AUTHENTIC sauna.

Surely cause for celebration, I let the cat out and wrote down this formula, which had been the root of my own sauna builds and every sauna build that I’ve helped out on.

photo (42)

W – will is the desire and passion from within.
I – information is the Interweb, the googlator, the build your own sauna book from this website. The guy with the orange apron at Home Depot. Youtube.
T – time is not a cost. Time is not fixed. Time is something you allow for and look forward to. Consider these two scenarios:  1) staying up until midnight building sauna benches then waking up the next morning rejuvenated or 2) Realizing that when you sit bleary eyed watching TV, you drag yourself to bed and wake up the next day exhausted.
M – money. Yes we need money. But with more W I T we need less M.
W I T are the pillars to resourcefulness. Money the erosion of it.

🙂 is satisfaction.

The formula is complete.

Sure, someone could decide on Tuesday that they want a pool table. And they could pay for it on the phone, have it delivered by the end of the week, and throw a party that Friday night. Then what? It becomes a table to store boxes. But the person who has always wanted a pool table (will) and has the time to ask on Next Door or noodle around Craigslist (information) will end up paying fractions less (money) and enjoy miles more 🙂 (satisfaction).

DIY isn’t just a song by Peter Gabriel.

The DIY revolution is upon us. The authentic sauna cat is out of the bag. Your own backyard retreat awaits.

bricking in sauna stove

Oh, the 2 (squared) next to 🙂 means collaboration.  It could be your brother in law with a table saw, and it’s also me.  I get a huge satisfaction helping others realize their authentic sauna dreams.  I am here to help.

But that’s just me.  And sauna.

Try the formula out on yourself.  What’s your passion?

BONUS:  Test out the formula while sitting on the sauna bench or in the garden all misty wet with rain after a cold shower cool down.

Outside my backyard sauna with outdoor shower and a misty garden all wet with rain.
Outside my backyard sauna with outdoor shower and a misty garden all wet with rain.

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  1. Thanks to the clarity of Lake Vermilion and neighbor and friend Mark Mayne for the “squared” addition to the formula. 🙂 2

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