Are you ready for your own sauna?

At the Lake Home & Garden show in Minneapolis this weekend, there was a booth displaying infrared ‘saunas.’  I have strong opinions of these light bulb closets as they are:

  • cheaper than an authentic Finnish sauna.
  • look easier to install than an authentic Finnish sauna.
  • seemingly less work than an authentic Finnish sauna.

Yet we are smarter than this.  We understand that McDonalds can make things cheaper, easier, with less work.   And we also know there are lots of folks who will choose a McDonalds version of a sauna.

But we are not those people.

Imagine your favorite restaurant, one that loves the food they prepare.  One that has original items on the menu and has servers that are happy to be there, that look you in the eye and smile when they tell you about their specials.  And when the food comes, it tastes great and is good for you.  It affords great value and gives you an experience worth coming back for.

Are you ready for this experience?  Are you ready for your own authentic Finnish sauna?

I have one for you.

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