Big homes, big cars, big cheeseburgers, but we don’t have to build big saunas

Not sure.  Maybe it’s an American thing. All over the country, what was once consider reasonable sized homes (1,500 square feet or so) are being knocked down in favor of sheetrock palaces.  A few years ago, we had a run of smaller more fuel efficient cars, but today, if you’re not in a tall rider SUV it feels like you’re overshadowed on the road, as if you’re driving along the pavement.  Gourmet burger joints aren’t serving premium burgers unless they are huge, and oozing with bacon and toppings.

Tiny houses, Toyota Priuses, and smaller plate portions are with us.  They get the press they deserve, but because of their paradigm changing popularity or more because of their novelty?  For example, for every person touting their Tiny House lifestyle in a New York Times article, there are thousands of 3-4,000 square foot homes being built out in the exburbs.  But sheetrock palaces aren’t news.  They are everywhere.

Saunas aren’t everywhere.

So, let’s not fall into the big is better trap.

When we build our saunas, it is important to be conscious of the following:

Heat up times: every cubic inch needs to heat up to “serving temp” before our saunas are ready to go.  The bigger the sauna, the more time it’ll take to get ready, and the more energy/fuel is required to keep the sauna at optimal temp.

How many sauna bathers:  This trips up people all the time.  Having a sauna party with 10 people?  You don’t need a hot room to hold 10 people.  The best saunas are saunas where people are encouraged to cool down.  Extensive, full cool downs make for a better sauna experience, and a better vibe with different folks rotating in and out of the hot room periodically.  Conversation flows like a good party, and thoughts flow like good poetry.

Human scale:  Unless building a private wellness resort, our saunas are minimalist structures of functionality.  No frills.  Minimal crap from style magazines and shopping malls.

This is one of the many reasons why we like our saunas.

Russ’s 8×12 sauna ready for action on a late summer day.

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