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Build your own authentic sauna: sauna plans are available now!

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It’s sauna time.

I wrote my “build your own sauna” book over the course of a couple different authentic sauna builds.  I took careful note of many of the details, shortcuts, and special tricks about building a sauna.  The materials have been used by lots folks to build their own saunas.  What’s better is, thanks to user feedback, these fellow kindred spirits have helped me improve what I will be sending you.

photo (94)Thinking of building your own sauna?

These plans will help you in a big way.

Thinking of hiring a contractor to build your sauna?

Have your contractor read my ebook. There are countless details in my ebook specific to building a sauna.  Floor drain and insulation are examples.  I guarantee to save your contractor many hundreds of dollars, and countless hours.  Even more importantly, if your contractor reads my ebook, you will be getting a more authentic, better sauna.

For $25.00, I will promptly send you:

  1. 9 chapter ebook – laid out in easy to read, easy to follow step by step fashion.
  2. 100 corresponding photographs – that won’t leave you in the dark.
  3. Basic blueprints – to help you visualize your own health and wellness retreat.
  4. Complete building materials list – for you to bring to your Home Depot and tell the Pro Desk “I’m on a mission from God to build my own sauna.  Here’s your SKUs and exact product descriptions.  No funny business.  Deliver this stuff to my backyard ASAP.”

So, please credit card or paypal me $25.00 to

Unless i’m on a ladder or on the sauna bench, once I receive your donation, I will be automatically notified and I will send you my ebook directly within hours of when you order.

If you don’t receive my ebook within a day or so, please check your spam folder or rattle  my cage on here.  I am very communicative and prompt and love helping, so if you get no correspondence from me it is because of an email communication problem and not because I am suffering from lame communication skills, ADD, or ADHD.

So, please click here:

I am confident that you will be “wow’ed” by at least something significant in my ebook – something that saves you hundreds of dollars in time and/or materials.

BONUS:  I won’t leave you hanging.  My goal is your sauna satisfaction.  Life is short.  Sauna building is NOT something out of your scope of ability and expertise.  I am excited to help you to build your own sauna.

Isn’t it time for you to realize your own authentic sauna dream?

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25 thoughts on “Build your own authentic sauna: sauna plans are available now!”

  1. Hi Nancy. No Etsy, sorry. Perhaps a friend can paypal me the $20.00 contribution and I will be happy to email you the ebook and materials. thanks, g.

  2. Hi Glenn, we are restarting our sauna project. Due to not enough available electric power outside the house, we will be designing it around a wood stove. I’ll be sending you a 20$US donation shortly to have access to all that great information. Thanks, Claude.

  3. Glenn, I somehow missed that you have this book! Wish I’d caught this a couple months ago. Anyway, better late than never. I’ve ordered it now. Thanks loads for your help. cw

  4. Looking to build a small 5 by 8 outdoor sauna ( or similar dimensions) – does your e book have blueprints and plans for smaller saunas? Can you send me link to pay via pay pal if I need to buy your plans? Thanks Rob

  5. i’m interested in building a 8×8 wood fired sauna-bath house at our deer camp i intend to use a cast iron wood stove we no longer use will this work also should vapor barrier always be foil

  6. Myron: I like the spirit of building a sauna with Norway/Red Pine logs. I’ve been in log saunas. It’s old school and a real deal. That said, keep in mind heat/insulating dynamics. With a true log sauna, your hot room is going to take longer to get up to serving temperature. All those logs will need to be brought up to temp as well and this takes a long time. The new school methodology of studs, batting insulation, vapor barrier, t&g paneling cut the heat up time waaaaayyyy down. Hope this helps, send pics! g.

  7. Glenn,
    Thank you. Great info. Now that I think about it, this makes total sense. I own an old log cabin that I used to heat with a wood stove – it would take the whole weekend to heat up the logs, furniture, etc. It would be perfectly comfortable Sunday afternoon when I was packing to drive home!

  8. Tania:

    Shit yea, a mobile sauna in a cargo trailer is a great idea. My advice is do it. I’ll help you. My ebook is a great resource, and i’m not trying to hard sell you at all, but there’s lots of good stuff there.

    One thing we can talk about is insulation. I have a plan for this for you. I”m working on a similar project which may involve an ice fishing house or a horse trailer, so we are barking up similar good trees here. screw in 2x nailers and blown in insulation. There’s stuff to consider regarding vapor barrier and venting, but all doable.

  9. Hi, Glenn. I’ve been following blogs and info on your wonderfully inspiring site for weeks now. I am currently planning an outdoor sauna with an electric heater and would like to purchase your e-book. (Going for electric Helo Vienna 80 to take advantage of solar panels on the house and minimal air pollution for neighbours).
    Two minor issues:
    1. I live in southern Australia near Melbourne and am having great difficulty locating/sourcing materials that don’t seem to exist here such as foil bubble wrap, foil tape, and “block’ for sub-floor, (whatever that is!) I have access to western red cedar and all the insulation and other products you suggest. Apart from the simple calculations from feet to metres, am I likely to encounter unfamiliar building terminology and materials not available in Australia if I buy your book? Do you have any suggestions for translating your specific materials to Aussie products?
    2. I started designing a sauna with a sloping 10-degree skillion roof and ceiling with windows across the highest end of the ceiling. Will this affect heat distribution within the sauna? Should I forget the private view through the windows to the sky and only have a flat 7-foot high ceiling?
    Any advice will be of great assistance. Thank you very much.

  10. Hi David:

    “Good on you” for advancing with your own sauna project.

    1. If my book doesn’t help you big time, just let me know, i’ll refund. The language/terminology is for us casual builders. It’s anything but esoteric tradesmen jargon, by design. Foil vapor barrier is becoming easy to source. Many here in USA purchase foil vapor barrier (vs. foil bubble wrap) from big bad Amazon. Same with foil tape. And converting feet to meters need only be done a couple times in the book, as the book is written such that you will be setting your own hot room dimensions, customized action vs. cookie cutter.
    2. Sloped ceiling: yes, very good. This is totally doable and that slope up there does affect heat distribution. Most design so that the benches are on the low slope, so that they are able to maximize the window vista, as you describe. I prefer the other way, so that benches are on the high slope of the ceiling, otherwise “you’re leaving that good heat on the table.” I’m crazy that way, the heat dog wags my tail, and it’s totally fair if you go the other way, as ultimately, by following the ebook, you’ll be building a kick ass sauna, and good heat all around.

    Like most things in life, when it’s well thought out decision, the good outweighs the bad.

    Sauna on David!

  11. Hi Glen, I’m getting ready to convert a retired short bus school bus into a mobile sauna. Will your sauna build manual cover everything for my build or are there adjustments that need to be made for a build like this?

  12. Carol,

    The sauna build manual, though geared mainly for a backyard sauna, has plenty of strong tips/suggestions/ideas relevant for mobile.

    Pls. send me an email with questions after you get the book, i’ll send you the 2nd edition, which has an entire section covering mobile. The 2nd edition is in edit mode right now but it is spot on helpful for your project,

  13. Glenn, I’d gladly pay extra for an advanced copy of the 2nd edition! I have the 1st edition, which is great, but would love to benefit from your updates. Just framed my partition wall and put in rafters this weekend, and I’ll be putting in the blocking for the benches today or tomorrow while I wait for a visit from the electrician. So far, so good. Thank you!

  14. Zach: I’ll email you regarding the Sauna Build Start to Finnish 2nd Edition. You’re in a great spot for your sauna build!


  15. Hi Glenn,

    I’m also in Australia and we are looking at building a smaller 1-person sauna to go on our enclosed apartment paito (probably 900mm deep x 1200mm long). Will there be something we can work from to customise to this size? I’m also keen to find out how David in Melbourne got on and if he ended up completing his project! Thanks so much 🙂

  16. Hi Kylie:

    The book I wrote covers all the details needed to build your own sauna. I recognize that a one person sauna is pretty unique to standard protocol but things like heat, steam, ventilation are universal to all sauna action. Good luck down there ~!

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