Building a Lake Superior sauna for a guy who’se not afraid to live.

Saunatimes is transforming this 12’x16′ shed right by the shores of Lake Superior into an awesome sauna guest cabin chill out zone.  Here we are just north of Duluth, Minnesota along the North Shore.

This breathtaking “million dollar view” encouraged us to install a window in the hot room.  Sitting on the sauna bench, one can gaze out at the world’s largest freshwater lake, just steps away.

Framing that window was the first place to start.

Those of us familiar with building know about “the zone.”  Hours can go by without looking up while working away in tight spaces.  Measuring, marking, cutting 2×4’s.  What a pleasure to take a break, bite into a fresh apple, and look upon this beauty.

One doesn’t need a million dollar view in order to enjoy the authentic Finnish sauna experience.  Like this property owner, one simply needs to be not afraid to live.

More pictures and more stories coming soon.


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