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Building a sauna? Here’s some tips for your changing room

A good changing room has an open, airy feel.

  • Lots of windows welcoming in the outdoors.
  • An out swing door, providing more room inside.
  • Cathedral ceiling to help air flow and give an open vibe.

Don’t have any of these in your changing room?  Don’t worry, you have a sauna.  That’s what counts.

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  1. if your sauna is in an urban environment, changing room privacy might be an issue if there is a great quantity of windows. consider which way the windows will face and if in a northern climate, consider what the scenery will look like once the leaves fall off! skylights can present their own challenges but may be a nice alternative to windows.

    if security is an issue, an outward swinging exterior door presents additional concerns. most home exterior doors are manufactured to swing inward, with the hinges on the interior. reversing the door will place the hinges on the exterior and allow for an unscrupulous individual to simply knock the pins out of the hinges and remove the door, defeating any door lock you may have. consider replacing the standard hinges with security hinges, which have pins that cannot be removed.

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