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Building your own sauna is a lot easier than climbing a mountain

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Staring at the base of a mountain, it’s easy to feel an overwhelming sense of defeat, before you’ve even taken your first step.

Climbing The Worlds 14 Highest Mountains - Makalu Southwest Face From Makalu Base CampBut people climb mountains all the time.  And people are building saunas, now, all the time too.  So maybe it’s time for your own adventure?


Mountain climbers dedicate the necessary time to climb their mountain.  They take vacation from work, a sabbatical or whatever, and commit to doing it.  The good news with your sauna build is that you don’t need to do any of this.  You can carve out a couple hours at a time, and knock off different phases of your sauna build as it suits you.  You don’t have to fly to Kilimanjaro.  You can step out your back door and walk to your new backyard structure, turn on some tunes, and get after it.

“But I’m so busy!”

Hey, we’re all busy.  Yea, yea, there’s “only so much time in the day”, but it’s amazing how much time we DO have when we devote time towards what we enjoy doing, or want to get accomplished.  For mountain climbers, it’s hiking a mountain.  For us, it’s building a kick ass sauna.


Mountain climbers have the right gear.  They read, research, and talk to experts.  The gear they bring is top of the line and they know how to use it.  The good news with your sauna build is that you don’t need a ton of gear.  You can build your own sauna with basic building tools.  Detailed here.


Mountain climbers seek help and use guides.  They are smart enough to collaborate with others who know the mountain.  They seek guidance and direction from folks who’ve done it before.  The good news with your sauna build is that saunatimes is your guide.  People just like you have built their own sauna.  Like herehere., here, here, and here.  I’m on your team.  All you need is Will, Information, and some Time.  Come on in.  It’s sauna time.


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