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Firewood for wood burning saunas sourced in Northern Minnesota.

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Kuuma-woodburning-sauna-stove1Wood burning sauna stoves aren’t for everybody.  

Then again, neither is Arcade Fire, Acai Bowls, or Hot Yoga.  Yet they’re all getting pretty hot.  The key advantages of wood burning saunas are:
  • Free BTU’s: Just follow the sound of a chainsaw in your neighborhood.
  • A better heat:  Wood burning feels better: and it is better.  A more even heat.
  • Negative ions:  Read more on this by searching “negative ions” on saunatimes or click here.
  • Sustainable & Renewable:  Even if I needed to use spell check.
  • Better air flow:  Wood burning stoves need air to burn.  Air circulates through your sauna.  Circulating air is nature’s blow dryer. Read more on this by searching “venting” on saunatimes or click here.

Firewood harvesting is great exercise

And click here to read about one cool cat in Norway who considers it art.  And it’s great how folks treat it like an art.

regularstack-500-lgHere’s a reader’s firewood input from the Northern Minnesota Tundra:

Hi Glenn,

Like most guys, I’ve got “guys.”

A guy for plumbing, a guy for auto repair, even a guy for sewing the fabric on a torn fish house.  I’ve also got a guy for sauna wood.  If you’re firing your sauna with wood, unless you have forty wooded acres, a Stihl, and lots of spare time, you need a reliabe way to get firewood.  For me, that way is a septugenarian who lives up north and spends his days splitting and stacking wood.  I won’t reveal his name, because he doesn’t sell to just anyone and really doesn’t like to be bothered, even by his regular customers.

Although his driveway is lined with cord upon cord of uncut wood, he doesn’t advertise.

He cuts it, splits it, and stacks it in 3/4 cord piles–exactly what will easily fit in an eight foot pickup bed–and sells it almost as quickly as he can split it.  If you call him to inquire about wood, he may give an evasive answer and tell you to call back next week, even though another friend called him the same morning and was told to come right over.

To say he’s kinda crotchety is accurate.

He’ll grumble when you knock on his door, inquire for what you’re going to use the wood, then shuffle out to the driveway, point at a pile, and coach you how to throw it in your truck.  Those who are in the elite group lucky enough to be regulars know not to whisper his name in public, lest they be cut off from the supply.  I have a good friend who borrowed my pickup to make a wood run and was flabbergasted when I guessed where he was going.  If you’re lucky enough to have a steady supply of sauna wood, guard your guy like you would a good fishing hole, or everyone you know will show up and ruin a good source.  Until you have your own guy, be on the lookout for long driveways lined with felled trees and be polite at the door–my guy just may become your guy.  Cheers!
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