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Repurposing old cedar boards into a new woodshed at the lake

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Saunatimes guest post series continues.  Enter Mike:

woodshed trees“Dear Sauna Times regulars,     

 The need to replace our deck at home opened up an opportunity to repurpose the old cedar boards into a new woodshed at the lake. 

I’ve grown tired of arriving at the cabin to find my firewood damp because the tarp blew off or rain leaked through or the damn gnomes have once again peed on my pile.  The idea of saving all of the cedar boards from the dump or the fire pit appealed to both my earthy side and my frugal side.  Fasteners alone for this simple 4X8 shed ran me fifty bucks! shed

I started the job with a mental plan and a guess that I could slap it together between morning coffee and lunch. 

As is the norm for a guy with limited carpentry skills, my original idea didn’t quite come to fruition and the project wasn’t completed in a single morning.  After two false starts which involved my wife and both kids holding up my rudimentary framework while I struggled to square it up, the wise Missus suggested a safer, more stable plan of attack.  Since I had exhausted my quota of curse words for the day and had a hankering for a swim and a cold Leinie’s, I took her advice, simplified the plan, and was off and running with the platform.  That took care of day one.

woodshed interior

Day two dawned bright and clear.

So with a refreshed attitude and my son as my helper, I cut and attached the decking, put up 2X6 posts on the corners, added headers and rafters and then started in on the walls with one-by boards.  All of that took me past lunch on day two.  The arrival of company curtailed construction till the following weekend when I finished up the walls.  I measured up the roof and made a trip to the local lumber yard to order steel roof panels.  When they arrive, I’ll put them up and hopefully have nice dry firewood for the winter.  All in, I’m hoping to keep the cost of this project under a hundred bucks.”

wood shed framing

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1 thought on “Repurposing old cedar boards into a new woodshed at the lake”

  1. “The idea of saving all of the cedar boards from the dump or the fire pit appealed to both my earthy side and my frugal side”.

    There’s something great about the long tail authentic sauna enthusiast. Kindred spirits of resourcefulness, practicality, creativity.

    A DIY ethos and a work ethic that is its own reward. Thanks for the inspiration, Mike!

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