Picture courtesy Vincent Megaides Source: The Daily Telegraph

Can eucalyptus oil start your sauna on fire?

Picture courtesy Vincent Megaides Source: The Daily Telegraph

Maroubra Seals Sports Club in Sydney, Australia, was up in flames Friday evening, and Pete Reid, General Manager, seemed mightily pissed off:

“The fire started in the sauna. I’m of the opinion it started by people putting things on the sauna – eucalyptus oil – which they have been told not to do,” he said.

“People just can’t be told – even thought there’s signs and everything else.  That’s the end of the sauna. There won’t be any more at Maroubra Seals.”

What a shame.

All (authentic) sauna stoves are made to take water. Faulty electric sauna stoves can short out from excessive water dousing.  A wood burning sauna stove won’t short out and is thus safer than an electric sauna stove, how ironic is that?




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  1. Yes, proper sauna stoves are meant to take water. The problem is eucalyptus oil is an oil. In the US and Europe the containers are marked as “Warning: Flammable Liquid and Vapor.”

    Pouring eucalyptus oil undiluted onto the hot rocks of a sauna stove can cause the oil to burst into flames. Flames inside a wood-lined room are a very bad thing, as the members of the Maroubra Seals Sports Club found out this weekend.

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