Does the sauna changing room need a new name?

As we know, sauna is more than a hot room.  The hot room is where we have our sauna stove and benches, where we enjoy heating up, tossing water on the sauna rocks to create steam, ahhhhhhh (loyly), and as we sweat it out on the bench and consider when to exit (when a cold plunge is about the best idea we’ve ever heard).

So, we leave the hot room to ideally jump into a cold lake or hit an outdoor shower enjoying the clean rinse.  Then what?  Brrrr.. the wind is cold but our body is warm!  We are conscious sauna bathers.  We listen to our core, not our skin.  We want to equalize and feel that endorphin rush.  We want to enjoy our cool downs, where do we go now?

The changing room

In winter, the changing room is where we can seek shelter from the cold, stretch out our sauna rounds, chat with others enjoying sauna, or simply reconnect with oneself.  One need not seek a waiver from the President of the International Sauna Society to enjoy music as part of our sauna sessions.  The best changing rooms are spaces for us to hang out, sip a cool drink, play a game of cribbage, or just Sauna Talk.

What about our clothes, isn’t it a changing room?

Yes, a changing room is a changing room.  Inside our sauna building, we have hooks to hang our clothes in our changing rooms.  We have benches to sit.  We may have Troxers and towels lying on the floor.  Sauna guests have hopefully tucked our shoes underneath the benches.  Our changing rooms need this function.

But our changing rooms are so much more.

The sauna vibe is enhanced with a kick ass changing room.  A sauna in our basement or at a health club does not have this vibe, but we can create this vibe when we build our saunas.  Our changing rooms are awesome places to enjoy the completeness of our sauna sessions.

Maybe our changing room needs a new name.

Dave Olson’s changing room
Jouko (left) and Risto chilling out between Sauna Talk podcast

6’x8′ changing room. 2’x6′ cedar bench. Upper shelf for storage. 2 28″x36″ double hung windows for plenty of crosslight and open feel.

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1 thought on “Does the sauna changing room need a new name?”

  1. Simply put, it is the front room. The löyly room gets most of the attention, but without a proper front room a sauna is not complete. One can change clothes anywhere. But we also need a place to rest, laugh, wash, and share what is on our minds and in our hearts. While this place is central to the sauna, it is often located in the front. So it is the front room.

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