“Get off your butt and let’s make some new sauna benches”

When you set your butt down, do your sauna benches move and creak like an antique dining room chair?

Maybe it’s time for new sauna benches.

I’ve sat on my share of sauna benches, and I can’t get over how this design kicks (cough) butt.

Sauna benches basking in the sun prior to installation.
Sauna benches basking in the sun prior to installation.

And once installed, the upper bench triangle brackets keep things simple and sleek, underneath.  This allows for the non-patentable “tuck under” lower bench so nobody can get their leg jammed as they climb down from the upper bench after a long hot sauna round.

Like with Google maps, we triangulate support underneath the upper bench.
Same theory as Google maps, but different. Instead of showing us where we are on our phone, here we install triangulated supports underneath the upper bench to transfer the load down and to the back wall.

THE BIG UPSELL:  My Build Your Own Sauna ebook will show you how to build these benches.

BONUS:  We’re not messing around.  Though this drawing is lame, these dimensions for triangle supports guarantee a right angle – and no squeaky benches.

You can build these to support your upper benches.
You can build these to support your upper benches. Just get your chop saw set at 45 degrees and go to town.


Check out this sauna bench makeover.  Are you ready for new sauna benches?

“If there is a better design for a sauna bench, I’d like to know about it.”



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6 thoughts on ““Get off your butt and let’s make some new sauna benches””

  1. Any suggestions on how to build and support benches that run along 2 walls and meet in a corner? I have a drawing for you to look at for my proposed bench layout if it would be helpful.

  2. Brennan: I think you may be describing an “L” bench configuration? If so, yes, I recommend for the longer wall that you run upper bench with support system including the triangle brackets. Then lower bench that can slide and tuck under the upper bench. For the short “L” upper bench, build and box in this bench using header and similar triangle support gig. It’s illustrated in my ebook, Sauna Build Start to Finnish. I did this for the 612 sauna. you can search “612 sauna” on this website and the interweb. There are photos and videos out there for you to see what i’m rambling about as hope this helps.

  3. Glen, I am going with an ‘L’ bench configuration. Your description makes sense, I have your ebook, and it is GOLD, thank you so much! Also, I love listening to your podcasts while working on the sauna, do you have any new ones in the works?

  4. Hi Glen,
    I’m well on my way building my sauna and changing room. I’m building it in one corner of my 32′ x 40′ steel shed. And I’m using white cedar from our own woods that was rough sawn and milled into 4,5 and 6″ t&g.

    Question: Do you have a reference on how to build L benches? My hot room is 6′ 5″ x 8′ 5″. We’re heating with a Nippa wood burning sauna stove. I plan on building 24″ benches per your design ( I have your electronic sauna book).
    Thanks for any guidance here.
    Mark Paape

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