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He built his own sauna, now he is converting all his furniture to be sauna benches

light steam graphic

“We enjoyed every part of our sauna build project, but making our own sauna benches was especially rewarding.”

Sauna benches basking in the sun prior to installation.

The itch to build more things came a year or so after completing their sauna project.

“My wife encouraged me to just keep going.  I mean, we love the look and feel of our cedar sauna benches” he says, as he hands me 2×4 cedar boards from the back of his vehicle.  Then, he turns to me with a knowing smile: “Besides, building things can be kind of cathartic.”

Though he prefers to remain anonymous, he’s a kindred spirit to most of us.  He built his own wood burning sauna.  He and his family deeply appreciate the “sanctity of sauna“.  And like many of us, as he sits on his sauna bench and looks around, he’s prone to start thinking about tackling his next project.

“I started with the back patio.  I figured, nothing looks better than natural cedar, so I built a couple of benches for out there.”

backyard patio benches looking like sauna benches
backyard patio bench from the adapted sauna bench design

“These little foot stools used to be outside, too.  But my wife asked if we could bring them to the bathroom.”

patio end table brought into the walk in shower
patio end table great for in the bathroom

“I haven’t decided whether cedar benches are going to work in the living room, but the dining room is definitely next.”

Outdoor patio table as an inspiration to build an indoor dining room table.

A house filled with furniture to remind ourselves of sauna: what a warm idea!  Saunatimes will keep you posted as the house furniture slowly get replaced by beautiful cedar furniture, inspired by this tried and true sauna bench design.

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3 thoughts on “He built his own sauna, now he is converting all his furniture to be sauna benches”

  1. Hey Glenn. I’m well on my way with my sauna thanks to all the info in your ebook.
    I have an 8×6 hot room. I want to put in upper and lower L benches. Do you have anything already there I can reference.
    I’m building my sauna inside my 32×40 steel shed.

  2. Hi Mark:

    An 8×8 hot room is just on the upper edge of what i’d call a “good size.” I don’t have a drawing/blueprint to share, but I’ve been in a few 8’x8′ saunas and the layout I’d recommend you consider:
    Hot room door fairly centered on 8′ wall.
    Sauna stove in front right corner, as you step in.
    2′ wide upper bench along opposite wall.
    2′ wide lower bench along opposite wall.
    2′ wide upper bench along left wall, as you step in.
    A more narrow lower bench along left wall, as you step in.

    Try drawing this out on graph paper.
    Then, try chalking that out on your floor.
    Then, try mocking that up with a few 2x4s or picnic benches within your soon to be sauna. (And a cardboard stove template).

    All this is a principle of which I am a huge fan (field verification).

    Take some pics and share as you go. Sounds like a great setup.

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