Wood stove or electric stove?

There is a whole pile of opinion both ways on this subject but here’s the bottom line:  a wood heated sauna stove makes for a better sauna than an electric sauna.  Why?

  1. Wood heat penetrates deeper, electric heat can feel like sitting in a toaster oven. (my opinion, supported by others).
  2. Wood heat offers a fresher sauna.  A fire needs oxygen to burn.  As a wood fired sauna burns, it cycles fresh air into the sauna room.
  3. Wood fired sauna stove accepts water on the rocks (Loli) much better than an electric stove.  Wood heats with thermal mass, where electric coils in an electric stove burn hot and thin (see toaster oven, above).
  4. Wood heat contains negatve ions.  this is mumbo jumbo for some future post/discussion.
  5. Wood heat is free and off the grid.  Plus, with an efficient wood burning sauna stove like a Kuuma Stove, you can burn efficient and clean.

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4 thoughts on “Wood stove or electric stove?”

  1. This site is awesome!!
    Thanks for all the effort, it has further inspired me to build a sauna in my back yard and would love any advice on plans and the possibility of buying a Kuuma stove in the UK?

    Keep up the good work and thanks a million!
    Best wishes, Tom

  2. Tom: Glad you dig the site. Why not come to MN for an authentic sauna tour? We’ll take some sauna measurements and send you back on the plane with a Kuuma safely stowed in its upright locked position. Cold, rainy English days offer perfect sauna weather! ahhhh..

    I hope to have a comprehensive “build your own” sauna book available in a month or two. Stay tuned!

  3. Electric sauna stoves with stones are suitable for throwing löyly too.
    Ask any other Finn if you do not believe me.

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