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The outdoor backyard authentic sauna experience is being enjoyed RIGHT now by many hundreds of people.

How do I know this to be true?

I have helped hundreds of people build their own authentic backyard saunas.  But that’s not important.  What IS important is that our own backyard outdoor free standing sauna buildings are significant structures.  They don’t have steeples, but they are our churches.  And our health clubs.  And our Doctors (both mental and/or physical).

Our own backyard saunas are health and wellness sanctuaries.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what is going on.  For some of us it is a bad day at work, or we can’t set down our cell phones, or we are back from a shitty war and are trying to get our life back together.

We have made the commitment and we are enjoying a better life.  We have our backyard sauna.

“Other than diet and exercise, I can’t think of anything else that will benefit your life in a more positive way. And, that’s not just sales talk. It’s the truth. Ask anyone that owns a sauna and uses it regularly. They’ll share the same sentiment. “

Matt Bergstrom (builder of hundreds of saunas for hundreds of people who “get” sauna).

“You bring 100 people together and they are all strangers, but in the sauna, you open up because your body is opening up.  And then your mind follows.”

“Heat and cold are our great teachers.”

Wim Hof (The “Iceman”)

“If you haven’t experienced the sauna, you have to do it, because it is a wonderful cleansing, spiritual way of life.”

Dave Pearson, A practicing Lutheran paster for over 50 years.

If you are dinkering around with an infrared light bulb closet or have an intuition that the sauna at your health club sauna could be much more awesome, then I welcome you to join our tribe.  This website is a good place to start.  I won’t try to sell you anything, but when you are ready, I have an ebook that will help you.  And search “guest post” and you’ll see lots of folks who have created their own authentic saunas and are enjoying it.

JP overlooking the first light of 612 Mobile Sauna (photo: an another co op volunteer).

Oh, and one more thing: your own backyard sauna: are you ready yet?



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