Ice fish house manufacturer transitions his business to building mobile saunas

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Minneapolis, MN, July 24 2018

Maybe it started back in 2015, when Saunatimes visited Eric Bongard, founder of Custom Cottages.  Always impressed with DIY manufacturing, we are even more impressed with folks who produce quality from the ground up.

Fast forward to today, and we find Eric immersed in the production of quality mobile saunas.

Eric does all his own welds for constructing mobile sauna framework

Key features of Eric’s saunas include longevity of the unit light weight, all welded and glued, never fail, nothing to pull loose, no fasteners to fail, rock solid frame,  epoxy to hold to the studs 1000 psi per inch pull off strength to the substrate siding to Studs.

Metal framing of Eric’s mobile fish house sauna

Everything is built in a jig to ensure perfection and squareness in each unit.

More photos to follow.

The AUTHENTIC sauna cat is finally out of the bag.

“We have two sold and are building 3 more.  I anticipate selling 20 of these by the end of the year.”

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