LOTS of folks are building their own AUTHENTIC saunas at this very minute.


The cool thing about the DIY movement

is that ordinary folks like school teachers, social media marketers and even insurance agents are saying “fuck it” and carving out some quality time in their backyards doing something worthwhile and longstanding: building their own AUTHENTIC saunas.

These people are putting a stake in the ground and proclaiming:

  • “I want authentic sauna to be part of my health and wellness scene.”
  • “I don’t want to have a contractor look at me sideways and tell me this can’t be done.”
  • “I work hard and deserve to come home and chill out between sauna rounds in my own garden all misty wet with rain.”
  • “I don’t want to sit in a dead beat health club sauna any more.”
  • “I have a chance to build this thing by reconnecting with my (brother/son/cousin/neighbor/friend) who can help me out.

All above is happening RIGHT NOW.  And you can join us.

You are not alone.

A DIY enthusiast building his own authentic sauna


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