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“Mikkel Mass” is a lämpömassa enhancement that gets right to the bone

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Those interested in an after market lämpömassa enhancement to their sauna are encouraged to add some Mikkel Mass. This process can help de-cube AND increase mass within our hot rooms, PLUS offer some very creative artistic element with customization.

What is Mikkel Mass?

Mikkel Mass is a series of cross lumber, stacked and arranged to “de-cube” our hot rooms, while at the same time adding thermal mass to our saunas.

“Mikkel Mass” within Mikkel Aaland’s centuries old redesigned sauna.

From where did Mikkel Mass originate?

It all started when Mikkel met with Swedish architect Anders Berenssson. Mikkel commissioned Anders to reimagine his 100 year old family sauna in Olefoss, Norway.

Anders Berenssson, getting jazzed up about Mikkel’s sauna re-imagining (photo: Mikkel Aaland).

Does it work?

I am pleased to report a lämpömassa rating of 9.3 within this sauna. I was so inspired by the mass-ification concept that the concept of “Mikkel Mass” was born on this day. More to come on this initiative, as I will be helping others achieve higher levels of lämpömassa thanks to their DIY abilities to adding Mikkel Mass to their own saunas. This is something that anyone can do as an “after market” enhancement to their saunas. Form driving function, multidirectional radiant heat that helps get right to the bones.

If I choose to add Mikkel Mass to my hot room, am I required to pay a royalty?

Yes, after you apply Mikkel Mass, to your sauna, make löyly for the first time, please go to From there, click the “donate now” button, and give an amount reflective of the increase in “aaaahhh” within your hot room.

I encourage you to read Mikkel’s story about this sauna reimagine here.

A full house’s worth of framing lumber, for Mikkel’s Ulefoss sauna.

Let’s tour Mikkel’s sauna here:

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