An outdoor shower for your home sauna, about $15 from any hardware store

I’ve seen outdoor showers for $150 in catalogs.  Granted some have nice walls around them and a soap dish, but you can build a nice private surround on your own.  They all hook up to a garden hose, so I got to thinking, why buy something fancy?  So here’s what I did. I think it functions better, and feels more natural than a free standing unit.  Follow these 9 easy steps:

1. Locate a tree or overhang where you want the shower.

2. Measure hose length needed from shower head to shut off valve (about waist high) along the length of the tree:


3. Find a hose from the garbage or scrap piece somewhere.  Or if necessary, buy a 15′ hose at Home Depot for about $12.00.  I used a grey hose and it blends in nicely with the tree trunk.

4. Cut one end of your hose to size.

cut-your-hose-to-length for your outdoor shower

5.  Go to hardware store and have them attach a fitting to the cut end ($3.00).

hose-at-hardware-store2 for your outdoor shower

6. Attach a hose nozzle, set on “shower” or “center” mode (do not use “jet” mode unless your body is thick with rust).

any-old-garden-hose-nozzle for your outdoor shower

7. Secure your hose along the tree branch with a few twist o ties.

8. Attach other end of hose along the base of the tree to this shut off valve, from any hardware store ($5.00).

toro-on-off-hose-attachment-from-any-hardware-store for your outdoor shower

9. Connect the other end of this shut off valve your garden hose, et voila!

enjoying your own outdoor shower

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9 thoughts on “An outdoor shower for your home sauna, about $15 from any hardware store”

  1. I use the same system with a hose from my house to the corner of the building. Say, Seliga canoes, it’s just the spelling. I have one and have almost 20 trips into the Quetico under my belt, some with an Old Town OTCA in the earlier years (1960’s). Love your site and love those wood burning stoves. Kraig

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