a maximalist sauna design

a 12’x16′ sauna design with an additional screen porch, Alaska room, and generous deck

a maximalist sauna design
  • 7’x7’hot room.  (7′ tall ceiling = 343 cubic feet.  Optimal size, from sauna professionals in Finland).
  • 12’x 16′ overall building.
  • 8’x8′ additional/optional Alaska room (for cold climate settings, such that snow and boots can be left to warm/melt/dry: radiant heat floor).
  • 12’x10′ screen porch. (for four season climate settings, such that bugs need not apply).
  • 26’x10′ deck.

Not all of us have this kind of space or are willing to build to this scale.  Yet above offers many features for decades of awesome sauna enjoyment.

  • Alaska room: we leave our clothes, and the conventional world behind.
  • Changing room: ample space for temperate cool downs, vistas out the front window, interaction with hot room (via candle window), easy access to screen room as bonus space.
  • Screen room: perfect cool down zone for those perfect 40f misty wet with rain sauna days.
  • Front deck:  generous space for relaxation in nature.

All these zones flow together.  No steps.  Same level.  We relax and listen to our bodies as we navigate ourselves through these different spaces.

Whether it’s a solo sauna, or a sauna party, this design works wonderfully.




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