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A cabin blueprint that is ‘sauna forward’

light steam graphic

As sauna is becoming more and more popular, architects are being asked to incorporate sauna within the design of a house, cabin, or cottage.

Sauna isn’t for everyone, but in this case, the homeowner is an authentic sauna enthusiast, not satisfied with a small electro-closet model, tucked into a corner or under stairs.  For this homeowner, sauna is not akin to a laundry room or linen closet.  For this homeowner, sauna is an integral part of living well.  This sauna is wood burning and front and center.  This sauna recycles the heat back into the cabin.  The chimney stack is in the center of the cabin.  The function not only radiates heat throughout the entire building but allows the chimney stack to share a primary fireplace glowing mightily within the hot room.

Just as AirBnB will sometime in the future offer a feature button for “sauna,” we are going to start seeing more cabin blueprints that are “sauna forward” in their design.

a sauna forward cabin blueprint


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4 thoughts on “A cabin blueprint that is ‘sauna forward’”

  1. Wow, very nice. I’m a little confused where the stove is, is it that square right below the word “sauna” on the blueprint? If so, it it somehow combined with the living room fireplace as a single unit?

  2. yes, custom made or modified wood stove with sauna rocks in the sauna area and then comes thru the wall. will the glass fireplace in the living room.. the ventalition system which is not depicted in this sketch is an integral part of the heating /cooling operations of the design.

  3. I’ll typically want to see benches and door swing details when I get a set of plans from an architect-it would be cool if you could include these two elements- and an idea for the stove…
    The other thing I’ll mention is that angled benches are tricky-and tend to not be space efficient…We want to recline and sit.
    Good luck!

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