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Sauna book by Brian Peterson

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Here is a transparent chronology of the construction of a Finnish Sauna, wonderfully illustrated by professional photographer Brian Peterson.  Brian captures the organic elements of sauna: wood, fire, water, rocks and presents the reader with his soulful creation: building his dream sauna ‘up north.’   Brian’s passion for sauna is deep in the pages.  He recognizes that an image, a photo, can bring to life sauna culture and he wants to share it with you in his new book.

Whether you’re considering building your own authentic Finnish sauna, or just appreciate the sauna experience from a visual perspective, Brian’s book is for you.  Would make for a nice gift, along with a sauna bucket and thermometer.

Here is a word from Brian:

“This book is a step-by-step visual guide to building a traditional Finish sauna. You will find pictures of every step in the process that will help you make your own plans and give you ideas for construction. I built my sauna with no blueprints, I looked at many saunas over the years and built ours from scratch with ideas from many. This book will help you in the process of building your own unique sauna building.”

Here’s a link where you can view his book in more detail.

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