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Sauna building teaches us the value of doing (vs. just talking about it)

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The value is in doing the work

Sure we have to plan and collaborate and corner the guy at Home Depot until he reaches for his phone to brush us off, but at some point we have to get off our ass (away from the screen!) and do the work.

This applies with our day job.  Nobody pays us to stand around the coffee cooler and talk.

This applies with our objectives.  We can talk about buying an investment property, but spend years watching Property Brothers on HGTV to come up with reasons why it’s not the right time.

This applies with our hobbies.  Judging by the crowded parking lot, how many people spend more time at REI than they do in nature?

A great thing about and our tribe, is that we are all doers.

Sauna builders do the work

Most of the folks I dialogue with get off their ass and build their own saunas.  We have built a community of like minded folks who not only have tapped an awesome health and wellness escape in their own backyards, but we have built a community of doers.

  • Sauna builders don’t stand around the water cooler and talk.
  • Sauna builders watch HGTV only after they’ve put their tools away after completing a project.
  • Sauna builders don’t fuck around at REI, but get out in nature with the crap they already own.

Sauna builders are my kind of people.

Sauna builders are our kind of people.

a sauna builder doing the work
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5 thoughts on “Sauna building teaches us the value of doing (vs. just talking about it)”

  1. If I order your ebook will that give me the plans for a sauna 8×8 or 8×10. Need a changing area,just like my grandparents had. I am in Ashland ,WI. Finnnish blood here that needs a good sauna. Looking for your guidance Glenn.

  2. Mason:

    Fabulous. Pleased to help you with your AUTHENTIC sauna build. My goal is that any Finn (off the boat or via ancestry) will leave your hot room with a familiar, satisfied smile on their face.

  3. Glenn. I ordered up the e book. Can not wait to read it and get my plans in place. Thank you

  4. mason, you should swing by the showroom at superior sauna and steam in superior, wi. good spot for ideas, inspiration, etc.

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