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Sauna Plans for Your Left and Right Brain

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Good sauna plans are critical for construction (left brain) and good design (right brain).

Sauna plans need not be laid out like expensive house plans.  The casual sauna builder can draw them up by themself.  A good place to start is an empty piece of graph paper, a favorite drink and or some medicinal libation, then a quick read on divine proportion and the golden ratio.  The Golden Ratio isn’t something made up by horoscope readers or crystal collectors.  It is what all (good) building is based upon.

GOOD NEWS:  Golden Ratio is so ingrained in contemporary construction that building materials follow these proportions.  4’x8′ plywood, for example, is the building block for the 2/3 proportion.  So, with an empty canvas – a neglected corner in the backyard and or a blank sheet of paper – we tend to “build” in 4′ dimensions:

  • 8’x12′ is a good size for an outbuilding.
  • 12’x16′ is a good size for a bigger outbuilding.

8’x12′ sauna plans:

8x12 sauna plans, A and B options
8×12 sauna plans, A and B options

Either A or B choices account for something else.  By placing the outside door on adjacent wall to the hot room door, we’ve got feng shui working for us. The changing room becomes a room, not a pass through hallway.  We capture the sauna spirits within the changing room space.  More simply put, we won’t bump into each other as much.

The outside door along the 12′ wall lends itself wall for a deck area.  Bench layout “B” affords a transom window looking out to this deck area.  Bench layout “A” is a nICE option for a more cozy focus towards the changing room.

Either A or B, it’s a good consideration to run a reverse gable.  Water sheds off along the 8′ sides, and one could extend the roof line for a covered deck.

photo (7)

Option “B” in play.  Note the outward swing door, allowing for more space in changing room.

12’x16′ sauna plans:

12'x16' sauna plans
12’x16′ sauna plans

Here we have the luxury to expand our space.  The hot room takes on a 7’x7’x7′ cube.  This hot room space is ideal.  It can handle 1, 2, 3 or 4 bathers at a time with plenty of room.  Before dismissing this as “too small” please read this.  There is plenty of standing area to allow for coming and going.  The real magic to this plan is an ample changing room space.  Further, the alcove changing area is clearly defined.  Plenty of hooks, and a curtain for us timid Americans to change in peace.

EVEN BETTER:  This 12’x16′ design begs for an ample wrap around deck, a platform for sauna parties that become instant fun and lifelong euphoria.

It’s sauna time.  Let’s light the stove.

Lake Superior sauna at sunrise
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2 thoughts on “Sauna Plans for Your Left and Right Brain”

  1. Hi all,

    What about technical details like vapor barrier / block, ventilation requirements and air space behind paneling?
    What type of wood species are NOT smart? I would like to use what grows on my property, but it may not be wise. Plenty of tightly grown fir.



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