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Where do I get sauna rocks? Landscape centers!, Landscape centers!, Landscape centers!

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So, we are approaching the “Finnish line” of our authentic sauna build.  We’ve followed along with every step of the way of the DIY ebook.  We’ve cured our sauna stove with a good long burn, burning off the factory paint.  We’ve put some finishing touches in place, like attaching our towel hooks and our hot room door hardware.  We’ve checked the calendar and have now invited our friends over for inaugural Friday sauna.

We’re all set to go, but wait! “gasp! panic!”

“I need sauna rocks!!”

Well, a quick trip to the shores of Lake Superior is out of the question.  And despite the metaphor of a million grains of sand, there’s a guilt that comes with dragging a 5 gallon pickle bucket out to the beach shoreline to collect free range organic sauna rocks.

What about railroad tracks?  There’s a fringe line of thinking that “there’s asbestos from train brakes in dem der rocks.”  And then we can get caught up with the idea that if everybody got their sauna rocks from train tracks, would anybody hear a train whistle blow if the train ran off the tracks?

What’s a morally conscious sauna enthusiast to do?

Landscape center!

Landscape center!

Landscape center!

Landscape centers carry ideal sauna rocks

For a few bucks, at a place like Landscape Love in South Minneapolis, a sauna enthusiast can bring a milk crate or 5 gallon sauna bucket, and hand pick through the pile of landscape rocks to get a great assortment (golfball to softball size) of sauna rocks.

Friday is here!  Let’s sauna party!  Phew.  I’ve got sauna rocks!

Decorative rocks from a landscape center (careful: do not use rocks with cracks or fissures for sauna rocks).


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