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The SaunaTimes Steam Lodge built by Deep Wave, Powered by Kuuma

light steam graphic

There’s a new sauna concept, pushed forth by SaunaTimes, built by Deep Wave Sauna Co., and powered by Kuuma: it’s called the Steam Lodge.

Upon entering, the word “collaboration” waifs throughout the hot room. Dan, from The Banya House, brings greetings with veniks in hand. The “microclimate” is mild, not one to induce sweat immediately. The air is fresh and open. The light from the translucent rooftop panels above gives one the feeling of being outside, in nature.

Getting ready for round one in the new Steam Lodge sauna

Inspired by World’s Largest Sauna

Glenn from SaunaTimes was a guest at Runningman in Atlanta Georgia fall 2023. During that event, Glenn helped tend to 12 large Kuuma stoves inside the world’s largest sauna. The sauna was a brain child of Todd Ferneaux, then partner of All Day Running. You can check out Glenn’s interview with Todd here.

Inside the World's Largest Sauna at RunningMan festival, October, 2023
Inside the World’s Largest Sauna at RunningMan festival, October, 2023

Those experiencing The World’s Largest Sauna were treated to excellent heat, steam, and ventilation, the holy trinity of good sauna. The Steam Lodge brings these three critical elements of good sauna forward, and with great consciousness.

The Steam Lodge opens up all kinds of opportunities for sauna activation. Perhaps most significantly, the microclimate is ideal for steam masters administering venik treatments.

The Steam Lodge is also a great solution for thermal nuts who want a lot of bodies on the bench. Seating for 5-20. Built around traditional banya venik experience but can also be conformed for soft spoken Finns who can comfortably look at the height of their feet relative to the stones in silence.

Plenty of room for 5 – 20 sauna bathers.. with kick ass heat abound

Engineered for banya action, the bench heights have been detailed and blessed by the world amateur venik sauna banya champion Alex Blyachuk.

alex bsauna venik
Alex, Sauna Master World Amateur Champion

The Steam Lodge assembles in an hour with two people and four capable hands. A carafe of hot banya tea does help speed up the assembly time.

Outside the Steam Lodge between rounds

Steam Lodge cost: a fair fraction of an annual wage

$15,000 delivered.

We can see clearly now, thanks to high temp rated translucent panels which has been pioneered for sauna within Minnesota by Darin’s NorthUp, and roof adapted for this new sauna innovation, to look at night stars in modular LED string light integrations which help provide the Christmas Tree festive effect.

Awaiting guests for banya action
The Steam Lodge
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