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There are so many “threes” relating to saunas:


Three major attributes of saunas.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Escape
  3. Fun

Three sauna rounds make for a complete sauna.

  1. Round 1: heat up and cold rinse
  2. Round 2: induce loyly (steam), sweat heavy, and cold rinse
  3. Round 3: sweat heavy, muscle stretch, skin cleanse and clean rinse

When you build your own sauna,  consider the three zones for optimal sauna enjoyment

  1. sauna room: 7′ high ceiling max.  optimize your cubic footage, consider bench height.
  2. changing room: lots of hooks, music and small fridge for cold water and beverages, good flow.
  3. outdoor patio: outdoor shower, nice sitting area to chill out and look at the stars, privacy, buffer.

Three beers make for a good sauna party.

Three guests make for a fun sauna party.

Three hours is about how long a good sauna party lasts.

Ever heard the one about fish and guests both start to stink after three days?   3 saunas a week can minimize this.

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4 thoughts on “Saunas: the power of the number three”

  1. Hi, thank you so much for all your time & effort into the sauna experience! I have a crucial question I didn’t find the answer for here! For the 3-4 rounds. Is if 10 mins sauna/steam, quick cold plunge, followed by 10 mins hanging out & then repeat? Also, do you recommend the sauna over steam room or vice versa? Thank you!!!

  2. Yes, hot room time, then cold plunge, then hang outside and cool down.

    No to steam room. Yes to an authentic sauna with a kick ass stove with water that can be tossed on rocks.

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