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Shed to sauna conversion

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If you are ready to pull the backyard sauna trigger, consider the shed to sauna conversion. When it comes to making your own outdoor sauna happen, there are three viable avenues to consider:

backyard sauna three options

The middle column (DIY Light):

Fabulous sauna at reasonable cost: A kick ass sauna need not have to cost the better part of an annual wage. You deserve to apply some sweat equity while making your own health and wellness backyard retreat happen.

Most everything delivered to your driveway: You don’t have to push your cart down the Home Depot aisle or stutter through explaining yourself to builders, contractors, and the guy at the Pro Desk.

Room for customization: The best saunas show your own character. There’s lots of room to put your own “spin” on some signature elements.

You can achieve a “high performance” sauna.

By popular demand, we are excited to announce the…

SaunaTimes Shed to Sauna Conversion:

How it works:

  1. Take our one page spec to the shed builder of your choice where you live. (we can help you).
  2. Send us a check for somewhere between $15-$20k. (we are doing 3 of these right now. We are figuring out your cost, down to the exact dollar, and your cost is going to be fair).
  3. We send you everything that goes inside your shed, to convert your new shed to your new kick ass authentic sauna.

If you are up for pounding some nails to create your own authentic sauna, well, this program is right for you.

We wont leave you hanging

Glenn has built 8 of these with his own hands (and he is not a contractor, builder, or snake oil salesman). Glenn has worked with dozens of contractors, builders, and snake oil salesmen. He’s distilled all the key elements of building a great sauna, and he wants to help you make it happen for yourself.

Your new sauna will be miles better than a barrel or kit sauna. Why? Because the shed is the heavy lifting. The shed is a commodity. and 2x4s are 2x4s. A shed is a great base for a really well insulated, long lasting, house matching, decor customized to your property sauna. Shed builders know what they are doing. And you will know what you are doing converting the inside of your new shed into a really great sauna.

Your new sauna will be an awesome sauna. Why? Because this sauna will have the best heat, steam, and ventilation. Why else? because you built it.


If you choose the DIY Lite package you will need and need to know how to use, or have a buddy who is on the ball with:

  1. A chop saw (Dewalt compound miter or similar).
  2. A finish nailer
  3. Some other common tools that we will list here in detail soon.

Again, we won’t leave you hanging. 

Glenn has helped hundreds (maybe thousands by now) build their own kick ass authentic sauna. And we want to help you too. We don’t want to sell 100s of these. We want to sell 10 of them right now to like minded sauna enthusiasts who dig it. This means you may get to know 9 of the others. And chances are the words “kindred spirits” may soon be whispering in your head. A shed to sauna conversion could be right up your alley.

We can look at some photos of past sauna builds:

A recent project:

And we have this:

Signature elements:

With the SaunaTimes Shed to Sauna Conversion, you will be able to customize a few signature elements, such as:

  1. exterior: match to your house, su sugi ban, or half log, or.. however you like it!
  2. stove surround: some like the default simplicity we provide, others may want to choose to apply stone, tile, or sleek steel.
  3. windows: our semi patented design allows you multiple window options. From transom to mega glass. you choose.
  4. Interior cladding: clear cedar, knotty, basswood, aspen, thermal treated.. we like what you like.

A note from Glenn:

“Your new sauna benches feel that much better knowing you were the one who helped build them. If you’ve got the spirit, the will, and about $15-20k all in, you are going to build your own really great sauna. You can do this! I’m excited to help make your own backyard sauna happen.

The time is now.

As Jim James sings..”

“Time’s your oyster
The grave is always getting closer
We ain’t gettin’ any younger”

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6 thoughts on “Shed to sauna conversion”

  1. I’ve passed the half-way mark of my shed to sauna conversion. For someone new to all this your ebook has been a great help. It’s just going slower than I thought because of the learning curve — I am so happy to learn how to use so many tools!
    But I can see how the kit would be so much easier…
    Cindy Carpenter/ Alexandria

  2. Thanks Cindy. As you are experiencing, the DIY sauna build empowerment is rewarding on many levels. Great that my book has helped you along in your sauna build journey, and thanks for your comments.

  3. I’m halfway done as well with my off grid sauna build on our property on a side a mtn in Washington state. Been recording the process as best as possible in this video series. (i’m further along than the videos would suggest) Just finished the floor using ben square method.

    Off Grid Sauna Build:

    Love to see the inspirational photos above.

  4. Hi Glenn, I’m interested in your shed to sauna conversion offering but have a few questions, especially about the actual work to install the kit into the shed. Would you come or send someone to help or would the shed company do it? I have an existing 10×12 shed I thought would be perfect to convert. I already drew some plans based on your blog and Lassi’s book but it would also require framing an additional wall inside to create a cooling/changing room and I have no experience in carpentry. Please feel free to send me an email as it would be easier to discuss than in this comment thread since I have other questions regarding the process.

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