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The $100,000 sauna

light steam graphic

It’s not so far fetched.

We’ve done a nICE job avoiding the spiral of opulence.   We’ve worked hard and saved a chunk of change.  At this point in our lives, maybe we are:

  • fearful of where the stock market may be heading.
  • appreciative of the value of our health and wellness.
  • understanding that we can’t take it with us when we go.

Whatever the mindset, a $100,000 sauna is not out of line.  When commissioned to build a $100,000 sauna, here’s what I will create:

1.  An awesome tie in with nature.

Ideally close to a lake or mountain stream, but we’d establish a breathtaking cold plunge scene that will take our breath away as we dive in.  Simplicity of form and ease of use, drawing on indigenous traditions and infusing them with a progressive design rationale.

Wingardhs Mill House is a manifestation of the Swedish ritual of sauna and bathing. It’s an annex to a old farm in Vastra Karup, the country side of southern Sweden, which was converted into a vacation and sauna house.

2.  Stone and wood hot room

Accentuating clean lines and fulfilling complex requirements of ease.  We will ensure enduring quality in our hot room, which we will design with scarce aesthetics, using simple geometric forms.

Helo stove and stone backing

3. A changing room worthy of cooling down

As a key element to a great sauna, the cool down space will fulfill ease of use and tasting appeal.  Minimal and unpretentious nature of its form and materials, we will strike a worthy balance between elegance and utility.

rustic-log-cabin-design-stunning-interiors-13 2

Yes, we sauna builders can shovel design jargon with the best of ’em.  Yet deep down, because we sauna regularly and think about these things, we have some clear ideas in our heads.  Our $100,000 sauna will have:

  • Waterfalls in the changing room.
  • Inside / Outside space that flows elegantly and simply from cool down space to outdoors.
  • An ample deck area with overhangs so we can chill out outside when it rains.
  • Plenty of space for a big sauna party, yet cozy and functional with one or two sauna bathers.
  • A fireplace in the changing room, because two glowing fires may just be better than one.
  • A great sound system with volume controls in each room.
  • State of the art lighting.  LED systems with custom tone/hue capable color control module.
  • Radiant heat throughout.  Warm feet and cool body, as we cool down between rounds.

That’s my thinking, but what features would you like for your $100,000 sauna?

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3 thoughts on “The $100,000 sauna”

  1. Joe: Great question. No. I think this sauna can be done without compromise for about $50k. As you know, like a lot of things in life, it’s best to think big, ask ourselves what it’d look like if money were no obstacle, then we can dial it back to practicality (and make it happen!).

    Eg, the waterfall treatment: a quality fountain pump at a garden center costs about $100.00. With some careful design and engineering, one could design and build a nature accentuated rock wall waterfall within the changing area for, um, i’d say.. $2k. That’s all in.

  2. Love all the ideas above!!!! Especially by an outdoor water source. Lighting is important too. I find kiddos are sometimes scared if it’s too dark (my favorite), and seniors need a extra help to better visualize the terrain for fall prevention. I like the idea of hidden lights behind the wood and under the benches with fading capability. I also like the idea of varied construction materials- cedar, rock, glass, eucalyptus and birch leaves. Simply beautiful!!!

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