The 612 mobile sauna

The mobile sauna culture is becoming more vibrant.

There’s something magical about bringing a sauna party to someplace unexpected.  Here in Minneapolis, MN, I am helping my friend John build his mobile sauna.  Labelled “The 612 sauna” for the Minneapolis area code, this sauna started as a tiny house, and is slowly being enhanced via the integration of an interior tongue and groove cedar hot room, wood burning stove, changing room, and upstairs loft.

For folks living with intense building code restrictions, a mobile sauna may be the right answer to be able to enjoy an authentic outdoor sauna, then trailer it around to your next party.

Check out more of the 612 Sauna here.

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3 thoughts on “The 612 mobile sauna”

  1. Looking to build a mobile sauna on a 7 foot X 18 foot flatbed trailer. Wondering about drainage and insulation specifications to prevent mold and wood rot. Do you have a short list of specifications to follow. I can see the floor drain system with durock and wondering about insulation sealing.

  2. Richard:

    Mobile sauna. Awesome!! Specifications are detailed in my ebook. Basically, 1) drainage: sloped floor system with skim coated durarock works great. 2) Insulation: Yes, a vapor barrier between insulation and t&g paneling. I use foil bubble wrap and make sure to foil tape the seams very well. It’s interesting how neither mold or rot happen with a good sauna. It’s too hot for mold, and with a properly vented sauna, there’s no rot because moisture gets out of there.

    Please keep in touch with your project. Mobile sauna tide is rising lots of boats.

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