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The best hardware for a sauna door

light steam graphic
hot room sauna door
hot room sauna door

Authentic sauna enthusiasts are sometimes inconvenienced by folks who keep the sauna door open, or forget to close the door on their way out.  Are these the same people who drive slow in the left lane?  Drivers on the Autobahn in Germany have no patience for this social ignorance.  They’ll get right on your bumper and flash their lights, until you get your shit together and move out of the way.

The flash the high beam equivalent for sauna is this $3.19 spring, available at Home Depot and most hardware stores here in North America.

This simple piece of hardware, one end screwed to the top of your sauna door and the other to the door jam, gives the sauna host an assurance that one of the few sauna rules, -“close the door!” – is being followed.

spring for a sauna door

  • Kids are notorious for not closing the sauna door behind them.
  • Low bench Larry’s are often so preoccupied with overheating, that they too forget to close the sauna door behind them.
  • New visitors to sauna are often so saturated with the nuances of the new experience that closing the sauna door is often down their list of things to remember.

BONUS:  This ball catch can work in conjunction with your Prime-Line Screen and Storm Door Spring – same isle.

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