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The evolution of the mobile sauna

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A letter to a kindred spirit in Alaska

Hi Eric.. As you know, I have 3 saunas and yes, my mobile sauna is for sale. It’s not like a car, everyone needs one, but more and more of us are understanding that a sauna has more benefits than a car. Those of us who “take the plunge” with our own backyard retreats are long tail enthusiasts – this is one of the reasons why I do saunatimes, so folks like us can connect.  Yoga, beer making, spinning.. all this stuff starts somewhere.

I want to sell the mobile sauna only because I am going to rebuild the same sauna design on it’s own chasis and wheels – call it the Mobile Sauna II.  Mobile Sauna I was built so that folks can experience what an 8’x12′ authentic sauna retreat is, and conceptualize it in their own backyard.  It’s a perfect design and i’m proud of it.  Mobile Sauna I deserves to be in someone’s backyard idling warmly on a cold Minnesota star filled night.  Mobile Sauna II will allow me to be at more places and events, able to tow it with a standard vehicle.  One day I just may show up in your Alaskan town with Mobile Sauna II warm and ready to go.

I’ll let you know, rally your townspeople!

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