The most awesome sauna backrest you’ll ever experience.


What you’ll need:

  1. 7 pieces of 1×2 clear cedar as long as your sauna bench.
  2. 1 piece of 1×4 30″cedar to make your arch supports.
  3. Jig saw.
  4. Finish (not Finnish) nailer.
  5. Drill with 4 screws.
Cut 7 stub lengths off your 1x2s and build a profile for your arch supports.
Cut your first arched profile on your 1×4 with jig saw.
Temporarily set your test arch for the best feel. You want the arch to support the lower back, that little Lumbar support gig.
Unscrew your test arch and use for pattern to make three more arches, total of four.
Lay out your arches and set your center cross piece with recessed finish nails. Lay out arches so they line up to wall studs behind the sauna bench.
Set your other 6 cross pieces. Set with recessed finish nails.
Set your new Lumbar Sauna arch backrest in place with 2″ screws underneath… oh, wait, what have we here?
Ah ha! A string of $2.99 Christmas lights behind the Lumbar sauna back rest. Plugged into a dimmer outlet, outside hot room. Not OSHA approved, but those guys are too wound up to dig sauna anyway.

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