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Three cheers for transom windows

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When designing and building our own saunas, it’s important to be thinking about windows.

In the “ole country” (Finland), with the exception of the candle window, few sauna hot rooms were built with windows.  Who knows why.  Maybe it was cultural timidity, or structural platitudes, or heat loss concerns.  Whatever the reason, today, the hot room window concept is “opening up!”.

Like music in the sauna, traditionalists may scoff, but any sauna bather of any origin sweating it out on the upper bench will smile that much wider being able to gaze out of their hot room and take in a bit of nature.

A transom window offers:

  • a great vista from the sauna bench.
  • privacy while standing.
  • natural light without being a fishbowl.

What size transom window?  Let’s start with 18″ tall by 36″ wide, cut in about 8″ below the 7′ ceiling.  A sauna with a hot room transom window and a common wall candle window feels airy and nICE.  Don’t have these windows?  No big deal.  We can make it happen with a sawzall or with your next sauna build.

Dual transom windows in Josh’s floating sauna (under construction).
Wisdom Woods sauna hot room


we need more of these authentic kick ass saunas.
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2 thoughts on “Three cheers for transom windows”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I always tack on house wrap for my sauna builds. It’s one of those “only get one chance” decisions. It’s not that expensive and it protects the exterior sheeting before final siding. And it breathes, so no chance of moisture trapping between the house wrap and the foil. So “them are good” as we are known to say in NE Minnesota.

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