A sauna build along Scenic Highway 61, revisited

Conventional buildings are often functional boredom.

Houses and office buildings get lost in conventionality: pure function.  Example:  When viewed from the street, many new houses show a big ass garage door.  Pull in the driveway and reach for the garage door opener.  Welcome home! trudge, trudge.  Office buildings greet visitors with a functional, typical set of double doors “come on in, we’ll take 20 years off your life, starting right now.”


Sauna buildings are dripping with beauty and coziness.

Superior Sauna SunsetSauna buildings are health and wellness retreats.  Smaller in scale, ones nICE mug, water bottle, sauna towel are always in sight, only a step or two away.  Sauna buildings complement the environment.  Sauna buildings sit quietly amongst trees and nature, welcoming the user with open arms and a relaxed feeling.  “Come to me.  It’s your time, now.”  Yea, maybe it’s because I built this sauna, but sometimes, just looking at a sauna building can bring forth a gentle wave of therapeutic relaxation:


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